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Powell Internet Consulting, LLC (PINT) is a dedicated team of technologists and designers who specialize in helping clients reach all their Internet goals. Whether you need effective Web site design, Web/database integration, or implementation of a comprehensive online strategy, PINT is here to help you use the Internet to your utmost advantage.

The Demo Company site showcases many of the features we can implement for clients' Web sites and intranets. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Shockwave Splash Page
    This page provides an animated entry to this Web site, using Shockwave Flash technology.

  • PSV Builder
    This tool offers a choice of various design options (tail fins, wing types, etc.) and colors for your Sports PSV.

  • Interface Design
    The Demo Company Web site utilizes consistent interface design on every page.

  • Maintenance System
    Using Cold Fusion and databases, this system allows you to create new pages and update page content without using HTML. Additional formatting options are available for Microsoft Internet Explorer users.

    • The Press Releases tool creates, updates and deletes press releases.

    • The Jobs tool does the same for job listings, in two categories: Corporate and Production.

    • The User Center tool is used to add new profiles (user name and password) to the list of users who have access to the maintenance system.

    • The Image Library allows users to add images to pages with just the click of a button.

  • Intranet

    • The Calendar allows users to add events to the company calendar.

    • The Employee Directory provides a search feature that lets you know what department an employee is working in.

    • The File System provides downloadable files for Sales and Maintenance personnel in the field.

  • Search
    The lower left section of this and every other page has a search field where you can enter key words and locate what you're looking for. Try entering "Sport PSV" or "Robot Butler" and see what you get.


Demo Company

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