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Dome Image Here at Demo Company, we know how pesky and unpredictable nature can be. That's why we created our self-contained Habitat Domes— so you can control your environment any time, all the time! Each model comes with its own PSV Port, one Giant Tree Oxygenation System™ (100% inorganic) with genuine tire swing, and our patented HoloDome™ system that lets you choose or design your own view of the world.


Our standard Land Dome comes with all basic features, including initial installation services and the HoloDome starter kit. Transform those dismal city streets into a tropical rain forest— or vice versa— all with the flip of a switch!

The Underwater Dome provides a triple-reinforced dome structure to withstand undersea pressures while providing all the comforts of a standard Habitat Dome! The Giant Tree Oxygenation System sees to all your breathing needs, while the genuine tire swing will provide you with hours of fun.

For the truly adventurous, we have the Space Dome, complete with airlock, triple-reinforced dome structure and the Giant Tree Oxygenation System (optional). Our special Space Debris Detector gives you up to five minutes warning in the case of approaching asteroids, comets or renegade communications satellites intent on destroying humanity.

Underwater Dome warranty does not cover damages caused by giant squid attacks, rampaging prehistoric monsters revived by leaking nuclear waste, or the unscheduled reappearance of lost continents (Atlantis, Mu, etc.). Launch and orbit maintenance services for Space Dome units must be acquired from an outside vendor. Exercise caution when using your genuine tire swing, especially in zero- or low-gravity situations.


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