PINT is a digital agency and one of San Diego's first web development firms.

"Website development company" is a bit of an understatement.

We are web-savvy team with a passion for problem-solving and building great user experiences. And we've been doing it since the 90's. We're a bunch of web geeks and internet old-timers who've seen a few things and invented some, too. We're not just a web development firm.

We're a everything-you-could-possibly-need-to-know-about-the-Web digital agency.

What this means for you:

Big-picture solutions

We know the web inside and out. From web architecture to security and performance.

JavaScript wizardry

Our JavaScript experts find the best ways for your site to be awesome and stable.

Code Masters

We craft our code (HTML5, node.js & more) to build faster and more efficient websites.

Details are a big deal

We care about the details of your website, including security, performance and usability.

An obsession with quality

We don't build sites on a hunch: we use data and user design principles to drive our decisions.

Creative nerdery

When it comes to the web, we are always absorbing new ideas to present to you.

Why do good web experiences matter?

Good web experiences are invisible, but vital to your company’s professional reputation as your website reflects your company personality. When your site loads fast and works well, visitors stay and become customers which boosts profits.

We know why good web experiences matter. We know how to build them. We're the digital agency that has literally written the book on web development!

PINTsters: problem solvers who love the web

PINT is a team of tech-savvy problem solvers. We value building stuff that does more than just look cool - we want to: motivate, connect, and make life easier. Creative interaction between departments happens all the time here, often through knowledge sharing, cross-training, and overlapping skill sets.
The Web isn't just work to us, it's our home and our playground.

Thomas is an Internet and Web industry veteran. In the early 90's, he helped improve university research at CERFnet. He founded PINT in 1994. Thomas teaches computer science courses at the University of California - San Diego. He also founded the UCSD Extension Web Publishing Certificate Program. His books have been used around the world and have been translated into 12 languages.

Eric oversees the finance and operations for PINT. He has more than 15 years of experience in operations and accounting, and has worked in the technology, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality industries. He has also served on the Board of Directors with many local San Diego nonprofit organizations as Treasurer and Director.

Joe has designed and developed web solutions in the Microsoft IIS environment for over a decade and provided consulting services for Fortune 500 firms in web security and performance. In addition to his role with PINT, Joe is the CTO of Port80 Software and one of the architects of ServerDefender VP, a web application firewall for Microsoft-based websites and applications.

Rob drives the creative design process at PINT, including site, user interface, and responsive design. His broad design experience also includes logo and identity work, technical illustration, as well as t-shirt and clothing design.

His advertising work and technical illustrations have appeared in books and national publications. Rob also serves on the board of advisors for Platt College.

Carrie is a UX Designer/Information Architect who focuses on understanding the needs of users and stakeholders through contextual interviews, user studies, and usability testing. She applies this to her designs: creating logical site structures, workflows, and compelling and intuitive user experiences. She has an MSI (Master of Science in Information).

Jimmy pushes the envelope of Web design and development with his technical and creative abilities. He is a UCSD alum, and has worked on a variety of projects covering server-side programming, technical support, server technology, and web development since the early 1990's.

Josh Lopez is the lead Project Manager at PINT. He keeps things moving on digital projects and helps solve problems where they may arise. He joined PINT in 2014, after working on large scale data migration projects. He is Heath IT certified. Josh graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics.

Tawnya Bordalo is a natural-born problem solver ready to take on any challenge. Her technical savvy brought her into the management of software and web development projects over six years ago. As a PINT PM, Tawnya uses her communication and collaboration skills to translate complex developer ideas to our clients. She has an MBA and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Charlie works with prospective and current PINT clients to closely understand their digital needs and initiate a wide range of web engagements to help their businesses grow. He has five years of experience consulting on internet marketing projects. Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science from Babson College with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Alexis Shen is a graduate of the University of California - San Diego with a major in Cognitive Science. She brings two years of project management in experience in the tech sector to PINT. She works with clients to on every phase of a project: research and strategy, implementation and quality assurance, and delivery and iterative testing.

Julian works on PINT projects when they are at their very beginnings. He helps put client ideas and thoughts together into proposals for the team to implement. Julian has five years of experience in the digital space. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts.

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Are you excited by JavaScript libraries?
Do you sleep, eat, and breathe the Web?
Have you considered working with us?

By writing books, building awesome products, and setting industry standards, PINT has earned a highly respected reputation for our technical consulting and web development services. This is reflected through our diverse and extensive client base. Our continued success and growth offer a career, not just a job.
We invite you to explore the openings at our digital agency and be part of our outstanding team of creative nerds.

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